Vandrare i skog


Experience the natural beauty of Hudiksvall and surrounding area. Which trail will be your favourite?


- Borgarleden

Hiking trail in beautiful nature with great views over both lake Dellen and mountains.

Length: Approx. 23 km  Difficulty: Medium/hard   Marking: Orange sign  Start: Näsviken ski arena  Finish: Näsviken ski arena Terrain: Forest terrain.


- Delsbosvängen

The trail takes you on ancient trails used in old farming and cattle keeping. Through vrariated terrain and forest.

Length: Approx. 19 km  Difficulty: Medium/hard  Marking: Blue and orange sign   Start: Karlsbruket, Delsbo  Finish: Karlsbruket, Delsbo   Terrain: Forest terrain.


- Galgberget

Forest area close the city center. Perfect trail for a light walk or running.

Length: Approx. 2.1 km  Difficulty: Easy  Marking: Orange sign   Start: Högliden Church  Finish: Högliden Church    Terrain: Forest terrain

3 Åsar Vandringsled

3 Åsar Vandringsled

Vandrings evenemang

Här lägger vi upp tillfälliga aktiviteter/evenemang som hör till vandring.