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Ystegårn in Hillsta – a Hälsingland Farmhouse

Stay in a Hälsingland farmhouse in a cultural-historical surrounding. Ystegårn is located about 15 minutes outside central Hudiksvall. It is surrounded by magnificent nature and has an exciting history to tell.

Spend the night in a Hälsingland farmhouse from 1747!

Ystegårn in Hillsta is one of few Hälsingland farmhouses that has remained ‘fyrbyggd’, which means that it consists of four attached buildings placed in a square around a grassed farmyard.

We have two rooms that are available for online booking. Choose between a twin room (with two single beds) and a double room (with a double bed). Bathroom is shared with the guests in the other room. Breakfast from our restaurant is included, as well as clean towels and sheets. Welcome to Ystegårn!

As the rooms are located in an old farmhouse, unfortunately they are not wheelchair-accessible.