vy från Avholmsberget


Pack your picnic and discover the blue mountains of Hälsingland. It's truly something magical! Whether you're seeking expansive views, forest landscapes, or sparkling lakes, there's something for you. All within easy reach without having to travel very far.
Here, we guide you to some of Hudiksvall's best viewpoints and most beautiful scenery.

Utsikt från Avholmsberget


One of Sweden's perhaps most beautiful views?! From Avholmsberget, you are met with an enchanting panorama of the legendary Dellen Lakes and the blue-tinged mountains of Dellenbygden.
The viewpoint is accessible to everyone, as a road leads up to the mountain. Binoculars are available for those who want to take an even closer look. To reach Avholmsberget without a car, you can take bus 20 to Friggesund, then walk or cycle the last part (approximately 3 km).
In the area, you'll also find the hiking trail "Kraterstigen" – a 6 km long trail through diverse terrain.


At the summit of Blacksåsberget, you are treated to a captivating view of Hälsingland's renowned blue mountains. Blacksås has long been known as a legendary viewpoint with a dramatic slope to the east. In the area, you can hike along one of the many trails. From the shelter at the top of the mountain, you have a fantastic view of the landscape stretching all the way to the sea. With its breathtaking panorama, dramatic cliffs, and ancient forests, the mountain is a popular excursion destination.

Get here
From Hudiksvall:
Take road 84 west towards Ljusdal. At Hillsta, Sörhoga, turn off towards Näsviken, but then keep right to cross road 84 and head south. In Nansta, drive towards Storberget and Blaxås kaffestuga. After about 7 km, turn off towards Blaxås and Käxbo. Then follow signs towards the nature reserve (after another just under 6 km).

From Söderhamn: Drive north on E4 to Njutånger, where you turn left towards Nianfors. After about 14 km, turn right towards Blacksås. Then follow signs towards the nature reserve (after another approximately 5 km). For directions to the western parking lot, see Oppsjöskogens nature reserve.

Utsikt från Blacksås foto: Åsa Eriksson


Vålåsberget has long been a popular destination due to its beautiful view of the Dellenbygden area. Vålåsberget is located in Delsbo, next to the Locks farm in Glombo.

Gulåsen utsiktsplats

At the Gulåsen Viewpoint, you have a stunningly beautiful view of the Dellen Lakes and Dellen region. Gulåsen is located in Fönebo, on the northern shore of Northern Dellen. Drive up at the Fönebo village.

Utsikt vid Gulåsen


Borgarberget has a wonderful view of the Dellens Lakes and the Forsa region. Here, you can also explore an ancient fortress. The hiking trail Borgarleden also passes through here. Borgarberget is located in Långvik,  Näsviken.


Hornberget in Bjuråker not only features a geologically interesting environment but also an untouched and valuable forest with several hundred-year-old pine trees. The area is also characterized by steep slopes on one side of the mountain.
There is a 1.5 km marked trail towards the viewpoint. Once at the top, you'll have a fantastic view of the valley and the forests of Hälsingland.
By the viewpoint you´ll find benches, perfect for picnic and a resting cabin.

Hornberget is located in Bjuråker, 19 km northwest of Friggesund. Västerstråsjö is to the west.