Gröntjärns naturreservat
Gröntjärns naturreservat
Gröntjärns naturreservat
To do Nature and Outdoors Nature reserve

Gröntjärn’s nature reserve

Gröntjärn’s nature reserve is an area of exciting geology with traces of the most recent Ice Age. There are several kettle holes, for example, which are potholes made by the ice. The strangest of them all is Gröntjärn, a small lake that has a natural water-level difference of about 14 m.
No brooks run to or from Gröntjärn. Instead the flow of groundwater determines the water level. This peculiar lake, with its greenish glittering water, has attracted many fascinated visitors over the years. Nearby you’ll find the more anonymous, yet just as strange, Stråsjö-Långtjärn, which is slowly flooding the adjacent forest. The dry ground is home to an interesting flora, including the spring pasque flower, alpine catchfly and kidney vetch.

Please remember!
You are welcome to pick berries and edible fungi for your
own use. But please be aware that when you are in the nature
reserve you must not:
• damage or do anything which might affect the surface shape
of the area or the water conditions
• damage trees or other plants, living or dead
• light fires other than in designated areas
• drive motor-driven vehicles
• ride horses
• camp or park caravans