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Hudik bröd

Du kan köpa våra bröd samt några kaffebröd hos Gröna Bönan på Storgatan 27 i Hudiksvall och på ICA Träffpunkten.

Stone oven bakery Hudik Bröd (Hudiksvall Bread) bakes organic sourdough bread and pastry, pies and snaks, even gluten-free. You can also find locally produced organic meat, cured meats, cheeses, eggs, jams etc. and tea, fair trade coffee and organic ingredients for baking, muesli and cooking. A healthy treat for anyone who likes quality. From the small cozy café you can follow the work in the bakery.We are located 2 km east of the center of Hudiksvall, in the same house as the ICA Träffpunkten.